Self Defence Perth

Damian Porter Launches Revolutionary

Self-Defence Courses as

'How Not To Die Guy'


Keep yourself and your loved ones safe, using the skills I have learned over the span of my careers in the NZ Special Forces and Australian Police to help you learn some of the most effective Self-Defense tactics possible.

Anyone of any background can learn these skills.

This is not a sport, there is no referee, and Bad Guys don't play by the rules.
HNTD does not require years of fancy training or practice.

I designed these courses to teach you how to stay alive when you really need it.

I shortcut what you need to learn into a fun, realistic online program that anyone can do. Based on hundreds of years of training soldiers, spies, covert operators, police, and myself - it's now available to you.

Suitable for all Good People:

All Ages 16 +

Staff and Corporate Training

Elderly and Families

Busy Mums


Veterans and Tactical Athletes

Be sensible, take ownership.

Save your own life.


A truly violent situation has no rules, no referees and will almost always come as a surprise. Arm yourself with the knowledge and skills you need to win.

Proven by centuries of use by the Elite and Special Forces, turning everyday people into heroes, like Nancy Wake, Sir David Stirling, Captain William Fairbairn and Rex Applegate

How It Works

Fully Online, Self-Paced.

Step by Step Video Tutorials

No Equipment Needed

All Fitness Levels

No Experience Necessary

Access Anytime

Liability Disclaimer for Self Defense Techniques

This website introduces you to self defense techniques that are for educational purposes only. There are no guarantees as to your individual ability to correctly apply this information under assault conditions. You are hereby urged to use this information with good judgment, common sense, discretion, and assume full responsibility for misuse.

Furthermore, you must use only the degree of force necessary to save yourself from danger. You must not inflict any greater damage on a criminal attacker than that you reasonably believe necessary for your protection. You must obey all laws and respect the rights of other persons.

These self defense options are extremely dangerous! It is your responsibility to not hurt yourself, your practice partner, or any innocent person., Damian Porter, the publishers, distributors, and any associates assume no liability. Use this at your own risk. Parents are fully responsible for the actions of their minor children in all the above matters.


Damian Porter

What People Say:

"Damian's self defence training has been invaluable to me in learning to avoid risk and managing a direct physical threat.

He's open to everyone regardless of age, fitness, culture, gender, orientation or physical ability - he accepts you as you are and whatever you're going through.

His training is very focused and he takes his job and you seriously.

I encourage people from ethnic and faith communities like myself to do Damian's professional and responsible training during these challenging times. He's a good guy."

-C, Perth.

“A really good introductory course on how not to die. My mate Angus and I signed up for Damian’s beginner course and we weren’t disappointed.

Within a few minutes went straight into it and learnt some no-nonsense moves and tactics to give trouble a wide birth or heaven forbid make a would-be-attacker change their mind.

Really simple, easy to remember and practical. Thanks Damian. “

- S, Perth

Disclaimer: No video, blog, article, virtual instruction or content, no matter how well crafted or presented, can substitute for professional hands-on instruction. Self-defense training, especially training that includes knives, sticks, firearms, and other potentially deadly weapons, should always be undertaken responsibly and ethically, ensuring every available precaution for safety and injury prevention. Information presented herein inevitably reflects the authors, owners and instructors beliefs and experiences under specific circumstances. Any content, instruction, or coaching provided through this website should be used for educational purposes only.

Readers and viewers are responsible for knowing and understanding all appropriate local, national and international laws relating to self-defense, reasonable force, and the use of any and all weaponry, acting in accordance with all applicable laws, at all times.
None of the following people, places or identities assume any responsibility whatsoever, for the use or misuse of information or instruction obtained from Damian Porter our websites (, our coaches, instructors, writers or publishers.

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